1. The Wonthella Bowling Club’s Executive Committee and staff will have the right to refuse service to any individual contravening any of the rules set out by the Liquor Control Act 1988. Personal Identification may be required to verify the age of customers eg. Driver’s license (photo included), 18yrs plus ID card (photo included), Current Passport.

2. Children to be under parental guidance and supervision at all times

3. Pool tables if used under discretion of staff and to be controlled at all times.

4. Persons under the age of 18 not allowed to play Gaming machines.

5. Smoking: Not permitted inside the main building or within marked No Smoking areas - ashtrays are provided outside.

6. Drinking is permitted only on paved area directly outside the front of the building- definitely not on the greens or the two car parking areas. 

7. At no times will anyone be permitted on the bowling surfaces other than for the purpose of a game of bowls which will be paid for and controlled by the Wonthella Bowling Club match committee.

8. Alcohol Sales:

(a) as per club rules and at discretion of staff or management.
(b) No jug sales unless pre-arranged at time of booking.
(c) Takeaways available - only in plain wrap or original container.

9. Any purchases made will be paid for at the point of sale other than pre-arranged.

10. Bar tabs- these also to be paid by completion of the hire period.

11. Eftpos, Cash, Cheque transactions are accepted (cheques only with suitable ID)

12. Copies of the Liquor Control Act 1988 are available for perusal if you have doubt to rules as set out.

We thank you for your cooperation. 
Any queries should be made to:
The Secretary: Erica Dimock, Ph: 9921 2970
President: Kevin Exten